Lorraine Bollinger

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About Me

My Background

When I was a young, horse-crazy girl, all I wanted to do was draw horses. My mother, who has considerable talent, taught me how to draw, shading the muscles and learning to really SEE.

In college I did take art classes, but I wanted to be able to apply art in a practical way, so I wrote my own major which included graphic design (before the age of personal computers!), business and the psychology of perception. All of those have aided me in various ways throughout the years.

In the Studio

I use many different mediums, such as watercolors, acrylics, and prismacolor pencils. I enjoy switching mediums constantly. Actually, my chosen subject usually "talks to me" and helps direct me to the best one!

Lately I've been dabbling with wool felting to create paintings - both wet and needle felting. I find it very relaxing.

I also very much enjoy teaching art to all ages at my studio. 

My Inspiration

When not painting, I love being outdoors spending time with my Morgan gelding, Welch pony and two dogs - one a Parsons Russell Terrier and a young Mini Aussie. We live on a small ranch in magnificent and rugged mountains - a visual delight and always inspiring!

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